with Professor A.J. Lancaster


      In 1911 Arthur J. Lancaster, an Englishman, became the director of music at Monumental Methodist Church.  He would serve the church for 50 years until his death in 1961.


      He also brought his gifts to the community during much of that time by teaching and directing music programs for 30 years- from 1929 through 1959-in the Portsmouth school system. From 1929 through 1947 he directed vocal music at  Woodrow Wilson High School and from 1947 through 1959 he directed the entire Portsmouth school system's music programs.


      He was honored as Portsmouth's First Citizen in 1959 for his dedication to the cause of music. In that ceremony he was described as someone who would go anywhere to teach any student or reach any audience with an interest in music.

1. Christmas Lullaby  by A.J. Lancaster

2. Prof. Lancaster at the Organ

3. Gloria from Mozart's Twelfth Mass

4.  Rock of Ages - Choir

5.  Choir no. 3

6. Choir no. 4

7. Choir no. 5

8. Solo and Choir




9. O Come All Ye Faithful, Prof. Lancaster at the Organ